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Women, Infants & Children: Breast-feeding Peer Counseling Program


What does a Breast-feeding Peer Counselor (BFPC) do?

A Breast-feeding Peer Counselor (BFPC):

  1. Gives basic breast-feeding information and support to new mothers

  2. Helps mothers achieve their breast-feeding goals

  3. Contacts mothers during their pregnancy and while breast-feeding

  4. Refers non-WIC mothers to other community breast-feeding resources (if they are not eligible for WIC).


Breast-feeding has so many benefits!

Children who are NOT exclusively breast-fed for 6 months have a greater chance of encountering the following health problems:

  • About 60% more likely to suffer from ear infections
  • About 40% more likely to get Type I Diabetes
  • About 40% more likely to get adult Type II Diabetes
  • About 25% more likely to become overweight/obese
  • About 30% more likely to suffer from leukemia
  • About 25% more likely to be hospitalized for respiratory diseases like pneumonia or asthma
  • About 200% more likely to have diarrhea



What is available for mothers who are in the WIC Program?

  • Free breast-feeding classes

  • Hospital grade breast pumps (for a small refundable deposit) to those who fit certain eligibility criteria

  • Medela hand pumps for mothers who need to pump occasionally

  • Extra food on WIC packages for mothers who exclusively breast-feed

  • Referrals to appropriate staff or other relevant outside resources

  • Breast-feeding group at Free Women's Center located at 704 Historic Rt. 66, Waynesville.


About Breast-Feeding Group at the Free Women's Center

This group is open to all women and children. Join us at 2:00pm the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month to discuss different breast-feeding topics.

Call Crystal, BFPC at (573) 528-3630 for further information or questions.

E-mail Breast-feeding Peer Counselor- (

Requirements for participations in the WIC Program are the same for everyone regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap.



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