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Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are available for births in the State of Missouri from 1920 to the present time. Cost is $15.00 per copy.

Births prior to 1920 must be obtained through the Vital Records office in Jefferson City, MO. Please call (573) 751-6387 for more information.

Death Certificates

Death certificates are available for deaths occurring in the State of Missouri from 1980 to the present time. The cost is $13.00 for the first copy and $10.00 for every copy thereafter of the same certificate.

Deaths before 1980 must be obtained through the Vital Records office in Jefferson City, MO. Please call (573) 751-6387 for more information.

Who can receive certified copies of a vital record?

State law only allows a certified copy of vital record to be issued to a person with direct and tangible interest in the record. The registrant, a member of his/her family, his/her guardian or one of their official representatives shall be considered to have a direct and tangible interest and may apply to obtain a certified copy of a vital record in person, by mail or online. The applicant must submit a signed request, state their relationship and purpose for the copy, and present identification.

  • Immediate family members are qualified to receive copies of birth certificates.  Immediate family members shall include those family members and in-laws in the direct line of decent up to, but not including cousins. (i.e., parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, guardian, foster parent, aunt, uncle)
  • Official representatives shall include an attorney, physician, funeral director, or other authorized agent acting in behalf of the registrant or his/her family.  Funeral directors may act as an official representative to obtain copies of death records only.
  • Others may demonstrate a direct and tangible interest when information is needed for determination or protection of personal or property rights. (An example of direct and tangible interest would be if a car title needed to be changed over to a person buying the car and the owner is deceased. The buyer would be qualified to receive a copy of the owner's death certificate.)


Pulaski County Health Center is able to provide certified copies of birth and death certificates at our offices in Crocker and Waynesville.

View/print the Birth & Death Certificate Application

If you have questions related to vital records at the health center, please contact Denise York at (573) 736-2217 or

Mail-in Requests:

  • Print out and complete Birth/Death Application.
  • Mail-in applications must be notarized as proof of identification.
  • Mail Notarized Application, $15 money order or cashiers check (made payable to Pulaski Co. Health Center. or PCHC), and a self-addressed stamped envelope to :


               Pulaski County Health Center

               101 12th St.

               Crocker, MO 65452

  • Mail-in requests will be processed and mailed the day they are received providing the above requirements are met.








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