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Show Me Healthy Women

   We provide preventive health services for women ages 35-65.



Women's Wellness Services

  • Initial and annual exams regarding women's health (referrals as needed)

  • Pregnancy testing and counseling
  • Sexual transmitted disease testing and counseling (treatment as needed)

  • HIV testing with counseling

  • Testing and treatment of vaginal infections

  • Counseling regarding women's health

  • Referrals for abnormal pap smear evaluations (Colposcopy, Cryotherapy, and LEEP procedures)

This means that no information will be given out about you without your written permission except as required by law or to provide services to you in compliance with Federal Privacy and Security Standards.


General Information About Fees
Collecting money for clinic services is important to keeping our clinic running. We do have a sliding scale fee, but you must provide proof of income at the time of service. We ask that you pay all or part of your fee at each clinic. Donations are always accepted.

We do have the Show Me Healthy Women's Program (SMHW) which provides services for those women who are eligible. Women who are eligible:

  • Age 35 and older
  • Meet the financial guidelines
  • Do not have any insurance

Breast and Cervical Cancer
This is a program through Medicaid for those who qualify for breast or cervical cancer treatment.



Call today to make your appointment for Crocker or Waynesville.

Cost of Services
Our services are for individuals who have lower incomes. We provide quality care while keeping the cost for services low.

What to Expect
You will be required to bring proof of your income at the time of your visit (paycheck stub, W-2 form, income tax returns, or verification letters.) Following this, you will be completing paperwork and will be given a physical exam.

Routine gynecological exams include height, weight, blood pressure, hemoglobin, iron test, breast exam, a pap smear, and a review of your current or new client information. You will also receive information on birth control if appropriate.

Other Services

Temporary Medicaid cards are available for pregnant women who qualify. (This service is provided through the Division of Family Services). Financial assistance for breast and cervical diagnostic testing through SMHW program are also available for those who are eligible.


SMHW 2015 Income Guidelines

Persons in family/ household Annual Income Guideline (based on 200% of Federal Poverty Level)

For families/ households with more than 8 persons, add $8,320 for each additional person.




Last updated: October 2, 2015 4:10 PM

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