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Pulaski County Home Health Agency

(formally Lake Ozark Area Home Health)

The Home Health division of the agency was instituted in 1975 as one of the original agencies in the state. The Division of Health contacted each county Health Department in an effort to develop the Medicare funded program in Missouri. The Pulaski County Health Center was assigned a five county coverage area when the surrounding county health departments declined to participate.

Skilled services are provided by the following:
Physical Therapists

Wound Care Nurse
Home Health Aide services are available for personal care for those patients that qualify.

Examples of "Skilled Service" include:
Dressing change and wound assessment
Management of IV antibiotics/pain medications
Vitamin B12 injections
Cardiac/Pulmonary assessment
Diet instruction
Pain management
Rehabilitation services for speech/physical issues
Catheter care
Instruction to patient and/or caregiver on the above

Please contact the Pulaski County Home Health Agency for more information at: (573) 736-2219


Purpose of Home Health Care
To provide continuing health care to clients in their own homes; to minimize the negative effects of illness, accident, or disability. The Pulaski County Home Health Agency provides in-home services to patients who qualify for skilled services. Home Health Care is for acute phases of illness and is not intended for long term care.

Requirements for Home Health care:
The patient must be essentially homebound in that he/she has to make a taxing effort to leave their home. A physician must order medical skills, treatment, assessment or instruction in the home for the patient. Pulaski County Home Health Agency accepts insurance coverage whether Medicare, Medicaid or other private insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can anyone have Home Health?
A: Those patients with medical problems that require the skills of a nurse or therapist and are homebound.

Q: Who can refer a patient to Home Health?
A: Anyone, but all care must be approved by the doctor.

Q: Is there a charge for Home Health services?
A: Not for Medicare and Medicaid patients

Q: What can the nurse do for me?
A: Assess unstable medical problems; instruct all aspects of care; provide on-hands care such as dressing changes; act as a liaison between patient and doctor; arrange other services.

Q: What other services are available?
A: Physical Therapy; Aide assistance for personal care; telemonitoring unit for monitoring of daily vital signs; Anodyne Therapy unit to decrease neuropathy and improve wound healing; A Certified Wound Care Nurse is available to evaluate problems with wounds or incisions; IV antibiotic therapy is available through nursing care.



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