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1. Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Read about the basics of nutrition, what foods to get certain nutrients from, portions, recipes, and more.


2. Physical Activity & Exercise

Learn about the benefits of physical activity, how often you should exercise, how you should exercise, and more.


3. Mental & Emotional Health

Stressed out? Explore how mental and emotional states affect you physically and ways to address them.


4. Avoiding Substance Abuse

Toxic substances, including tobacco and alcohol, pose numerous health risks. Read about them here.


5. Avoiding High-risk Sexual Behaviors

Read about different ways you can avoid high-risk sexual behaviors and live a healthier sex life.


6. Avoiding Household Toxins

You may be surprised by the number of harsh chemicals you'll find in household toiletries and cleaning solutions.


7. Environmental Health

Read about health-related environmental issues ranging from air pollution to food poisoning.

Seven Keys to Healthy Living

Every day we are constantly bombarded by messages telling us to live healthy. Very few messages, however, actually take the time to tell us how to live healthy. This page was designed to help readers easily learn about and explore ways to pursue healthier lifestyles.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle depends on several important factors:

Seven Keys to Healthy Living


Each of these factors work together to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. To read more about each of these factors, take a look at the detailed information to the the left. Each link per section well take you to a page with in depth information about each healthy lifestyle topic.



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