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The Pulaski County Health Center Environmental Public Health Specialist (EPHS) staff conducts Food Establishments Inspections under the Missouri Food Code.

To view Health Inspection here.

Important things to note

  • A single inspection should not be used to evaluate a food service establishment. Looking at the series of inspections over time gives a more accurate picture of the food establishment's commitment to food safety and sanitation.
  • This database lists all violations and inspection comments. The database contains only inspections from 2012 to present. If you would like to view previous inspections, they are available in the office. Food service establishments are inspected on a routine basis and are unannounced.
  • Critical item violations are denoted under the Critical items section. Critical item violations are serious violations and are a focus of the inspection for correction. They may be corrected at the time of the inspection or may require a re-inspection depending on the nature of the violation. (The food inspection reports have been updated to replace the terminology from "Critical" to "Priority" and "Non-Critical" to "Core".)
  • Anytime a food service establishment is found to pose an imminent health threat to the public, authoritative staff will issue a close order to the Regulatory Authority to close the facility unless the facility voluntarily closes and corrects the imminent health issue.
  • Inspections are public record, and the detailed inspection records are available for examination a the Health Center office at 101 12th Street, Crocker, MO 65452, during our regular hours, Monday 7am-5pm and Tuesday - Friday 8am-4pm.


Food Handler Course (Click Icon Below)


Our goal in the Environmental Public Health section is to Prevent, Promote and Protect Public Health within Pulaski County.



Consumer Food Safety Regulation

DHSS Food Recalls

To cross-reference violations noted during the inspection, click on the DHSS food code link:

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services – Food Code

Tools for Public and Establishment Use

Basic Requirements for Opening a Food Establishment

Processor Brochure

Frozen Dessert Guide

Temporary Food Service Guide

Dangers of Raw Milk Video

Jams and Jellies Brochure


Salsa and Acidifed Foods


Farmers Market Educational Brochure


Cottage Food Law Rule


Tools for proper food handling:

3 Ways Food Can Become Unsafe(Video)

Cooling Food Rapidly

Cooking, Cooling, Holding and Reheating

Tools for opening or maintaining a restaurant according to food code:


New Establishement Application


Hot holding logs


Cold holding logs


Cooling logs


Reheating logs


Employee Illness Agreement


Show Me Food Safety Educaitonal Booklet


Boil Order Guidelines for Food Establishement


Cleaning logs




Environmental Public Health Specialists

For complaints, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.(Click on the following name to email your concerns.)


Israel Doba  EPHS II



Karen Wall EPHS III Supervisor

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